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Safety Experience Training & Facilities

Safety Experience Training is

  • 01

    Free of language and technical barriers

  • 02

    Minimizing cultural conflicts.

  • 03

    A natural learning experience.

  • 04

    Education is fun and it encourages voluntary participation.

  • 05

    Powerful teaching method that is memorable

  • 06

    A behavioral learning Method

Where to experience the dangers

The dire negative memories remain in my head for a long time.

The words of a child who had experienced an car rollover,
“Now, when I get in the car, I will definitely wear a seatbelt.”
Workers who had experienced harness fall
“It was dizzy. Even if it's annoying, I will definitely wear a harness.”

Where to master safe behavior

The theory and practice are different.
In reality and in an emergency, if you are not mastered, anyone will have no choice.
Safe action is the only answer

Where the educational effect is doubled in the same situation as reality

No model is used. Organize the experience hall in the same way as the site where safety is required to increase the effectiveness of education

Learning Maintenance Effect by Learning Type

Youngwoo Ind’s Experiential Training consists of five senses that students can see, hear and feel while experiencing. We let people try out intentionally unsafe acts or unsafe conditions in a secured envrionment. In this way, our experience center shows as realistic as possible how quickly an accident can happen, what are the consequences of unsafe working or the creation of unsafe conditions and give guidance on how to prevent from such accidents in reality.
In addition Youngwoo Ind’s experiential education has the advantage that it can maximize the educational effect of raising safety awareness and habituating safety life of trainees compared to theory-based manual education