Global No.1 Safety Experience Training Simulators



Differentiation of Youngwoo Ind for Safety Experience Centers

It is the only company that customizes one-stop planning / designing / manufacturing of products according to various conditions / environments / requests.

  • “Re-location or remodeling" of product facilities is possible.
  1. 01

    Safety Experience Center Planning

    Construct a moving route and environment to maximize the effectiveness of training

  2. 02

    Safety Experience Equipment Development

    With the motif of actual accident, we strive to develop the safest experience equipment that trainees can participate in directly.

  3. 03

    Safety Experience Equipment Manufacturing

    We are manufacturing equipment that puts durability and stiffness and safety as the top priority through our own production with basic steel structure.

  4. 04

    Safety Experience Center Construction

    Our own construction team builds and tests it

  5. 05

    Safety Experience Center Provide development of operational manuals and operational software

    To enhance operator convenience, we provide "Train the Trainer" session which can promote own activities and operational manuals and operational software.

  6. 06

    Safety Experience Center A/S and UPGRADE

    1. We respond to AS inquiries within 48 hours in Korea / within 3 days overseas.
    2. Information on training methods and information on safety education are periodically shared.
    3. We are helping to stabilize the operation of equipment through free supply of consumables for 2 years.